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Kouros Apollo

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Kouros Apollo

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Kouros Apollo

Kouros Apollo

Kouros of Apollo

Near the village Apollo, it is found laid down in the ground like it was forgot by the ancient sculpturer, a half finished (men's statue). The statue has height 10,45 metres and is dated in the beginnings of 6th B.C. century and represents god Dionysos .Both the status of "kouros" of Naxos island are the ancientest in the Greek world. In the top of hill of quarry exists the sign "village of holy Apollo" that is probably dated back from 5th to 4th century B.C and it was created and dedicated to the holy God that existed there. Also, the prehistoric tower with the remarkable cyclopean size walls and certain of the installations of Byzantine years towers, and inside room areas are still there waiting for you to admire them !

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