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Ancient Aqueduct

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Ancient Aqueduct

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Ancient Aqueduct

Ancient Aqueduct

Ancient Aqueduct of Ligdasi in Melanes

Ancient Aqueduct of Ligdasi in Melanes, Naxos.  The area of Melanes has been an important factor for the every day life  for the island of Naxos since the ancient times as there were many  water springs. So  tyrant Lygdamis decided to  construct  an aqueduct that supplied with water  the ancient city of Naxos. There you can admire beyond the aqueduct  also the sanctuary near the ancient source the construction of the aqueduct  lasted from the 6th to the 8th century. Today there are some places to visit, so you may  admire the sections of the ancient aqueduct and the ancient route of the  water. These are: At Flerio with the kouros, where you are also able to admire the sanctuary of the ancient source and the entrance of the tunnel of the aqueduct. In Katsoprini, Leftera and Hemazo, where parts of it are found from all stages of construction. But also in the Fontana at the Castle of Chora you can admire ancient and newer parts of the aqueduct.

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